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My the process

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Friday, December 4, 2009

The Evolution of us(Black women)

I was always proud to be a black woman, but not as much until I saw Oprah's legend luncheon. As I watched the event, I suddenly felt emotional, which is why I felt the need to post this blog at 3:30 in the morning:-) Maybe because I witnessed such greatness, as I see all of these important figures of great talent, beauty, diversity, and strength all in one place. Or, maybe because there were beautiful black women who share similar careers in the music and acting biz and there were no signs of hatred, jealousy, and senseless drama. This is something that we as women need to allow our girls to witness, and let them know that it takes more than giving attitude and allowing boys to give them a wet ass so that they can feel better about themselves.

These young girls today done got it so twisted. Instead of looking up to a person like Maya Angelou or Angela Bassett, they look up to the girl with the 1000 boyfriends and the paw print tattoo on her breasts! Instead of following in the footsteps of Coretta Scott King, they rather follow in the footsteps of her cousin who strips at the Pussycat Club! I think you all get where I'm going here. Basically, our girls are so impressionable and they have ideas for themselves, but their priorities are not in order, & unfortunately, the wrong person could be guiding them in the wrong direction.

My point is, if we allow our young girls to continue on the cycle of lack of self respect and lack of inspiration, then they won't get to experience what could be the greatest moment in their lives, much like what we've witnessed here.
Watching the legends ball made me feel good, because it showed me that I can achieve professionally and personally as the strong black woman that I'm supposed to be.

Self evolution is a goal that should be taught in alot of the homes of all of our young ones, males and females. It's very important that our youth is inspired to become somebody of greatness. Those wonderful women and President Obama are prime and perfect examples of what we can achieve to do if we teach them to believe in themselves.

Young girls, let's stop degrading and hating on one another! You don't see Patti trying to beat down Chaka because Patti think she sings better!

Black women and black girls, if we use as much energy to promote self love and love for one another than to demean, undermine, disrespect,compete and fight each other...we'd be an awesome team!!
Let's try to carry ourselves as the epitome of greatness and carry ourselves as beautiful, strong black women with the presence of queens like we're supposed to be. Just look at the picture under this post. If you don't feel something special when looking at that pic above, then you have some serious soul searching to do!

It's our responsibility too!

Remarks of President-Elect Barack Obama
Day of Service Luncheon at Coolidge High School
January 19, 2009
Washington, DC 20009

I want to start by thanking all of you for coming together from across this community – people who are young and old, of every race and background and faith – and taking part in the great American tradition of giving of yourselves to lift up your community.
We meet at a moment when this work could not be more urgent. Today, we face challenges like never before in our lifetime. A lot of folks here in DC and across America are hurting and filled with uncertainty about what the future holds. And as I prepare to take that oath tomorrow, I know my Administration has our work cut out for us.
But I also know this: that however well government does its job; however hard we work to make good plans and policies and restore a sense of responsibility to Washington, our problems cannot be solved by government alone – or even mostly by government. It’s going to take all of us, putting our shoulder to the wheel, doing our part to remake this nation.
That’s why we’ve called on the American people to come together and devote their time and effort to work in their communities today. And that’s why we chose this particular day, when we honor a man who lived his life as a servant to his fellow citizens – and whose greatness can be measured not just in his own extraordinary contributions, but in how he inspired others to contribute.
Dr. King taught us that we could no longer view our own day-to-day cares and responsibilities as somehow separate from what was happening in the wider world that we read about in the newspaper and saw on TV. Because ultimately, for each of us, our own story and the American story are not separate, they are shared. And they are both strengthened and enriched each time we stand up and answer the call to help meet the challenges of our new century.
So today, I am asking you to roll up your sleeves and join in the work of remaking this nation. I pledge to you that government will do its part to open up more opportunities for citizens to participate. And in return, I ask you to play your part – to not just pitch in today, but to make an ongoing commitment that lasts far beyond one day, or even one presidency.
And to those who are skeptical about whether this will happen – to anyone who thinks that the American people are selfish or apathetic – I invite them to come here to Coolidge High School and to the more than 11,000 other places across this country where people have spent today fixing up schools and renovating homes and organizing food drives and blood drives and so much more. I see what the American people are doing today and every day. So don’t tell me that we can’t usher in a new spirit of service in this country.
I know we can do this. America is a great nation precisely because Americans have been willing to stand up when it was hard; to give when they had little left to give; to rise above moments of great challenge and terrible trial.
And I know that I am here today – as are so many of you – because somebody, at some point, decided that loving their community and their country meant doing something to change it.
That’s what we are called to do once again, in this moment – our moment – in history. So today, in the words of Dr. King, "Let us rise up…with a greater readiness. Let us stand with a greater determination. And let us move on in these powerful days, these days of challenge to make America what it ought to be."
Thank you, God bless you, and God bless America.

Do men really wanna be boyfriend #2

Call me when ur nigga aint around.....
I don't mind being the dude on the  side..
Ya dig...turn around let me lick u from ur neck down to ur  navel,
Kuz shawty u look ready,
Forget the bed i wanna lay ur body right  here on the table,
So just hold it steady,
I'll go get the camera we can  make a movie,
I'ma put my hands up lay back while u do me,
Jump rigt out  the shower into the jacuzzi,
Giving u what ur body wants,
I'm boyfriend  number 2,
Kuz the first he don't really seem like he know what to do,
I'm  boyfriend number 2,
And i know u like it freaky so i'm gonna give it to  u,
I'm boyfriend number 2,
If we don't fuss don't fight don't  argue,
And second place always got a whole lot to prove,
So whenever u get  in the mood,
(just call) boyfriend number 2,
Grab my hand,
I'ma pick u  up and put u on the counter,
Girl u feel so sexy,
I'm not ur other  man,
I'm a take my time and kiss all around ya,
Only if u let me,
I'll  go get the camera we can make a movie,
I'ma put my hands up lay back while u  do me,
Jump rigt out the shower into the jacuzzi,
Giving u what ur body  wants,
I'm boyfriend number 2,
Kuz the first he don't really seem like he  know what to do,
I'm boyfriend number 2,
And i know u like it freaky so  i'm gonna give it to u,
I'm boyfriend number 2,
If we don't fuss don't  fight don't argue,
And second place always got a whole lot to prove,
So  whenever u get in the mood,
(just call) boyfriend number 2,
Ladies if u  got a man and a buddy on the side say yeah,
Say yeah yeahyeahhhhh,
If u be  making plans kuz he don't hit it right say yeahhhhh yeahhyeahhh,
I got a  couple places i'm sure he don't know about,
No familiar faces u could feel  free to go out,
I'm not afraid of doing what he doesn't do,
I'm boyfriend  number 2,
I'm boyfriend number 2,
I'm boyfriend number 2,
If we don't  fuss don't fight don't argue,
Prove so whenever u get in the mood,
(just  call me) i'm boyfriend number 2,
Kuz the first he don't really seem like he  know what to do,
I'm boyfriend number 2,
And i know u like it freaky so  i'm gonna give it to u,
I'm boyfriend number 2,
If we don't fuss don't  fight don't argue,
And second place always got a whole lot to prove,
I got  something to prove right now,
Boyfriend number 2

(c) Pleasure P.

I was listening to this last night & it made me think..Do some men really don't mind being "Boyfriend #2"???

We all know that when it comes to dating, if a female is being cheated on or what we used to call back in the day, two-timed, we are quick to get our feelings hurt. We have to admit that some of us fall way too hard & early when we're dating someone new. However, if a dude realize that he's not the only one, it won't faze him because he done already got some he's good!

I truly think that it depends on how stable the relationship is & how committed you plan to be in a relationship. For anyone seeking to date on the regular with other ppl, It would definitely be best to be honest & upfront with the person in the beginning. It'll beat the hell out of assuming and getting your heart broken in the end.

When it comes down to it, I think no one wants to be boyfriend or girlfriend #2 because eventually you will fall in love & I hope for your sake that he or she doesn't think of you as "#2" & if that so happens...then what???

A life cut too short


I never knew this young lady, but I felt so compelled to post a blog about her because I browsed through her Youtube channel at & wonder what monster could take a life of such a beautiful girl who seemed like she had a bright future ahead of her. This story is sooo like out of a movie, but unfortunately isn't. It just goesto show how mentally sick & twisted some folks can be in this world. The poor girl was shot to death while she was in some poor soul who was deeply depressed & suicidal. He also had less than flattering thoughts of how women should be treated & how we should treat our men(basically had stone-aged thoughts)

Watch the vid below in better detail...

I am just so saddened by this. Something that could have been prevented..if the parents stayed on top of their son's behavior. In my opinion, I believe that they should have made that boy take that medication, make him move back home if they had to. He was 28 yrs old so he should have known better! If his parents were truly concerend, then they should have moved in with him & make sure he stayed properly medicated...keep him on regularly scheduled visits to see a doctor.
Depression is SERIOUS!!! & should NEVER be taken lightly.
Fam, if you know of someone who is going through depression, don't let the situation slide. Make sure they seek the help that they need. If you, yourself is going through deep emotional problems or depression...please please get help! You'd never know, you may be able to save a life...maybe your own.
Two lives are gone because of some idiot..& yes, I say idiot, because he chose be a coward, pick up a gun & shoot someone to death...then he kills himself!
I believe if he got the help that he needed, he'd be still here on earth possibly as a more saner person & this young girl would be still be alive posting vids of her many talents on Youtube.

An old tweet by one of my favorite singers



@Lakia Hey Lakia! It's the pretty brown skin! I luv it! LOL!!!!!


What do you guys think??:-)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

My Favorite Things #001


It gives my lips that natural sparkling look & it's the perfect shade with my complexion!

Optimum oil therapy
Hair & Scalp quencher!

This stuff does wonders for my hair & scalp! The best part is that it doesn't leave that greasy feel. very lightweight!

Blackest black mascara by Maybeline!

Turns my lashes into thick black feathers!

Moonlight Path Bath & Body Works!

I just love the scent!